Method of application for Essential  Oils and Absolutes


Inhalation: This is the most commonly used method, where essential oil molecules are inhaled through the nose. Certain odor molecules enter the lungs and the blood stream. Other molecules travel to the brain and are perceived by our sense of smell these have a profound effect on our emotions.

Inhalation could be done by using a diffuser, oil burner, saunas, steam inhalation, cotton balls or with a hanky

Application: Essential oil molecules are extremely minute, enabling them to penetrate the skin via the hair follicles and sweat glands. In this way the oils reach through the layers of the skin to muscle tissue and into the blood stream, where their effects reach the body’s vital organs.

Skin application could be done by massage, footbath, compresses or bathing

How to use Hydrolats.

Hydrolats could be used in so many different ways, misting and spraying are the most common way of using them. Ex:  Facial toner, great in baths, make up remover, great for any type of skin,  foot and body spray, deoderant, room, linen and car freshner,  just to name a few.

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