Ordering Guidelines

1. You may place your order(s) on-line at www.pureorigines.com, by fax at 514-697-2466 or written at Pure Origines, C.P. 10006 CSP Sainte-Anne, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC. H9X 0A6


2. There is no minimum order.


3. Due to the frequent change to world pricing on essential oils, the final cost per order is always determined at checkout time, not during shopping cart selection. While we strive to maintain accurate and timely price information, we are not ultimately responsible for errors, omissions, or otherwise inaccurate prices on the website.


4. All orders must be checked within 24 hours of receipt so that any discrepancies may be addressed immediately.


 5. Once an order has been confirmed we will not accept any changes to the order(s). If you wish to have any item changed after the order has been processed, a restocking fee will be applied to cover the cost of changing and repacking the order. There will be a flat fee of $5. Please make sure that all order(s) are accurate prior to finalizing.




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