What Will Happen At The Aromatherapy Massage Session ?


Prior to our initial meeting, you will be given an assessment form requesting you to detail your current medical history and lifestyle.  This will provide me with the information necessary to select the appropriate essential oils the maximum therapeutic benefit. 

The first session usually lasts one-and-a-half hours. After we review the contents of your assessment, we will focus on your healing goals for this visit.  We will determine your aroma preferences, and I will create an Individualized Blend for you. 


Aromatherapy massage  helps the body to heal itself.  I offer aromatherapy massage in a serene environment of professionalism and confidentiality. 

Just before the massage, you will be requested to remove all clothing and jewelry. During the massage, your body remains fully covered except for the head and the specific area being worked on. The temperature, level of lighting and music in the room can be adjusted to your comfort. 

For about 50 minutes, you will relax while the essential oils are applied to do their healing work . My Aromassage is a form of massage based on Micheline Arcier's Aromatherapy Massage. It incorporates a combination of Swedish, lymphatic, acupressure, and shiatsu massage along with some reflexology, and polarity therapy. The massage itself is a very soft, relaxing massage; very little pressure is used throughout the massage. The essential oils are massaged over the body to do their healing. This gentle, therapeutic massage focuses on the autonomic nervous system and its effects on the smooth and cardiac muscles and the glands. It can have an immediate relaxing or stimulating effect, causing deepened breathing, increased oxygen intake and decreased carbon dioxide in the lungs. The soft, flowing strokes calm and soothe the nervous system, stimulate the sensory nerve-endings in the skin, and warm and loosen the superficial tissue. They also increase circulation, eliminate toxins, improve lymphatic drainage, and reduce tissue congestion, menstrual tension and fluid retention. Deeper strokes remove tension and pain from the muscles and increase suppleness and mobility.

In addition to benefiting the entire physiological system, revitalizing strokes invigorate energy levels, and leave the skin with a healthy glow.  The effect of smell alone has a powerful influence on the central nervous system. Researchers are discovering that odors influence the mood, evoke emotions, and counteract stress.  Massage, combined with the healing properties of essential oils, is a truly holistic therapy!

At the end of the Aromassage, you will be left to rest for a short while and may then get dressed slowly.  You will leave with the gift of having had a delightful massage and also with a little gift bag with products and information that will extend the benefits of your massage.

It is suggested that your Individualized Blend be reviewed at least once a month to reflect the changes in your condition and lifestyle, so book another appointment before you leave. Subsequent sessions last one hour


What is the Cost?

$110.00 for the 1st session, inlcudes a 5ml blend to bring home.

$95.00 for subsequent sessions, also includes a 5ml blend to bring home.


Offered at:

Spa Curage

2375 B Transcanadienne, Pointe Claire, PQ

To make an appoitment please call: 514-697-4400

Aroamtherapy Massage